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Boba - Shaker Charms

Boba - Shaker Charms

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There’re faint glue marks around the edges due to the charms’ transparency, but I think it’s kind add to the charm (pun intended :p)
Size: approx. 8 x 5cm / 3 x 2"
✧ Glue marks on the edges due to the charm's tranparency
✧ Double-sided
✧ Acrylic charms
✧ Perfect for your keys, phone or totebags
✧ Product color may vary between screens

Pals bundle includes:
✧ Catto Boba shaker charm
✧ Froggy Boba shaker charm

ATTENTION: Peel off the protective plastic before use.

All artworks are illustrated and designed by me.
Plant-based plastic bag. Paper backing is recyclable.

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